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About the Program   

In effort to increase student college enrollment and success and to transform the lives of low-income families and their communities, GEAR UP Virginia (GUV) began offering college preparatory services and skills development to a cohort of seventh-grade students at 28 middle schools in 15 school districts beginning in 2014-15. These students will receive support through their first year of college, following high school graduation in 2020. GUV also offers critical college preparation services annually to up to 50 homeless youth (priority students), during their senior year at four school divisions, and supports them through their first year of college.*

Goals and Objectives

Goals are to:

  1. increase the academic performance and college preparation of GUV students;
  2. increase the number of students in rigorous courses;
  3. increase knowledge of college and financial aid among students and their families;
  4. improve college readiness rates; and 5) increase college enrollment rates.

Number of Students Served

Currently, GEAR UP Virginia currently serves 4,500 eleventh-graders and up to 50 Priority Population homeless students annually (up to 300 total).

Activities and Services

GEAR UP services include: 1) tutoring and mentoring; 2) summer programs to promote transition to high school and, later, transition to college; 3) professional development for teachers in core academic areas; 4) college and financial aid awareness workshops for students/parents; 5) visits to a variety of colleges; 6) counseling and advising related to college and career; 7) academic services in high school so that students do not need remediation in college; and 8) outreach to help high school graduates as they transition to postsecondary education.


GEAR UP VA Divisions and Partners

2014-2021 Divisions by School and Superintendent Region

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