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Virginia College Application Week

Degree completion starts with an application. For the past five years, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has partnered with the Virginia Secretary’s Office on Education, the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia and national education non-profit ECMC to coordinate Virginia College Application Week (VCAW). Today, we continue to carry on this annual event, as we work toward increasing the number of students accessing and succeeding in higher education throughout the commonwealth. This academic year’s events will be held during the week of November 12–16, 2018. The purpose of Virginia College Application Week is to provide a structured opportunity and support for underresourced Virginia high schools to assist seniors in applying to at least one postsecondary institution.

In order to be considered to be a 2018 VCAW host high school site, the Virginia public school must serve a student population where 50% or more are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, based upon the most recent VDOE school nutrition report.

Higher education institutions are invited to support VCAW host sites in a variety of ways, including: 

  1. Waiving college application fees;
  2. Volunteering on-site faculty/staff support;
  3. Forwarding marketing and informational materials;
  4. Providing on-site admissions opportunities

Please contact SCHEV if you would like to learn more about how your institution may support this year's events at the VCAW host high schools.

VCAW host high schools are committed to increasing the number of students who have a supported opportunity to apply to and enroll in postsecondary education. Each eligible school that registers to host the event is provided with materials to support the coordination of the Week.

Host Sites Receive the Following:

  • Site coordinator manual and resources
  • Access to the Virginia College Application Week 2018 website with site coordinator tab
  • VCAW Promotional materials
  • Resources
  • Access to select college application VCAW fee waivers

College Application Fee Waivers 

Virginia College Application Week (VCAW) college application fee waivers are only available to eligible students attending an eligible registered VCAW high school host site. Instructions for accessing each waiver are forwarded directly to the host site coordinator. Site coordinators are asked to use discretion in sharing the the guidance and to adhere to the eligibility requirements provided by each participating institution of higher education.

Students with financial need, that attend schools that are not participating and/or not eligible to participate as a host site for Virginia College Application Week, should talk with their counselor or advisor/coach. Many institutions have their own application fee waiver process that students may be eligible for. In addition, most institutions accept application fee waivers from ACT and/or SAT/College Board. Guidance to access these resources is provided below:

Terms of Host Site Participation:

There is a lot of flexibility in how Virginia College Application Week (VCAW) events are delivered; however, each site is required to adhere to the following:

  • Serve a student population where 50% or greater are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, as most recently reported by VDOE. See the Dept of Education's National School Lunch Program Report to review your school’s National School Lunch Program eligibility percentage rate.
  • The primary activities associated with VCAW will occur during the school day the week of November 12-16, 2018 (e.g., providing Class of 2019 students with time, assistance, and computer access, facilitating visits from college admissions representatives, and/or conducting student workshops). Supplemental activities, such as extended computer lab time and parent workshops, may occur after school hours.
  • VCAW resources and assistance will be made available to all Class of 2019 students.
  • Computer lab space, with internet access and printers, will be provided to all Class of 2019 participating students.
  • School leadership will be informed about the 1-2-3 Go! initiative and related events such as VCAW.
  • A site coordinator will be identified and serve as the primary contact and supervisor.
  • The site coordinator will assemble a site team to help plan and execute event(s).
  • The site coordinator and/or other site team member(s) will participate in event training opportunities and utilize shared resources.
  • The site coordinator will complete and submit a provided Site Coordinator Survey immediately after the event.
  • The site coordinator will collect and submit provided student surveys.
  • The site coordinator will submit other required information and documents, as instructed (e.g., schedule of activities, sign-in sheets).

General Resources

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