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State-Level Requirements for Approval of Various Academic Program Actions at Public Institutions

This process chart was developed by SCHEV staff as a reference guide for public institutions seeking state action on academic programs. Yellow shaded actions require preparation of program proposals. Non-shaded actions require submission of designated forms and narrative statements. SCHEV's policy for “Academic Programs at Public Institutions: Policies and Procedures for Program Approvals and Changes" contains definitions of these terms, specific policy statements, and detailed instructions.  Forms and guide documents are provided below.

Academic Program Action Sought by Institution Council Approval SCHEV Staff Approval Action Reported to SCHEV No Action Required at State Level
C.A.G.S. or Ed.S. 1 X      
Certificates     X  
CIP Code Change   X    
Degree Designation Change 1   X    
First Professional Degree 1 X      
Health Program 1,2 X      
New Degree Program 1 X      
Program Discontinuance   X 4 X 4  
Program Merger   X 4    
Program Modification   X X 3  
Program Title Change   X    
Spin-Off Degree Program   X    
Sub Areas: Concentration, Emphasis, Focus, Major, Option, or Track       X


1 If a proposed academic program will elevate a public institution to a new degree level then, the institution must also seek approval to change its degree-level authority through the appropriate state procedures.
2 §23.1-203(25) The State Council of Higher Education is hereby designated the planning and coordinating agency for all post-secondary educational programs for all health professions and occupations.
3 Degree modifications defined as simple are reported to SCHEV. See guidelines and procedures.
4 Submit the “Intent to Discontinue an Academic Program” cover sheet and requisite narrative. Action to remove a  degree designation must be approved by SCHEV staff. 

The following forms are required for document and proposal submissions. SCHEV will not accept altered forms. Institutions should not change the SCHEV text or categories. 

Academic Program Cover Sheets

Academic Program Forms

Resource Needs Forms

Guide Documents

2016 Academic Approval Policy  (Full print version)

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