Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education (Noble)
By David F. Noble Harvey Mudd College

This contrarian point of view has a voice in the wilderness quality this is troubling. Dr. Noble's general contention is that over the last quarter century the gaze of the business community has focused on the higher education community, and through the use of advancing technology the corporate world is attempting to turn the whole enterprise into a profit center. In this activity he sees first faculty, then students, and finally the entire society victimized by the voracious appetite for money underlying the current "technological revolution" in higher education. His arguments could be easily dismissed as the ravings of a disconsolate academic if they weren't so logically and factually laid out, and supported by many of the things seen in higher education and society today.

Of course, the counter-argument is that technological change always embodies dislocation at first before its superior efficiency and effectiveness begins to hold sway and improve life for all. Still, what he has to say is worrisome.

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