The Last Mile Problem: Current and Future Solutions
By Robert S. Leventhal, Ph.D.
President, Blueridge Internet Technologies, Inc.
Charlottesville, Virginia

Here in the academic world we are getting used to state-of-the-art technology in our daily lives related to computer use and the Internet. With our 166 MHz PCs and institutional T-1 connections, it might never dawn on us that the outside world isn't experiencing the same speeds of downloading and uploading information as we are.

However, the reality is that the interactive speed of Internet computing in the hinterlands is not up to our standards, and is not yet ready to support the full range of multi-media possibilities that many distance learning courses may entail.

The obvious question is when will the average household have the technology to support sophisticated distance learning efforts? And what technologies will arise to make the requisite speedy connections possible?

In this paper, Dr. Leventhal surveys the foreseen approaches to improving Internet connectivity for the average American household, and provides answers to these questions.

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