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Ways to Pay for College


Saving money will help you pay for college. Many students rely on a combination of savings, income, and financial aid to pay for college. Its never too late to start saving for college!

Need & Merit-based Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are forms of gift aid money that does not have to be repaid. Students can receive grants and scholarships because of financial need, academic achievement, athletics, or because of their background, college program of interest, or parents employer. Start searching early for grants and scholarships and for advice on avoiding scams.


Student Loans

Loans do need to be repaid with interest after you graduate or take a break from school. Student loans usually have low interest rates. Before you take out any loans, make sure you understand and agree to the lenders terms.


Many colleges offer part-time jobs to students who demonstrate financial need. Work-study can be used to help pay for educational expenses. There are a variety of jobs available through work-study on and off campus. Students may be able to find jobs that are related to their course of study and be paid at least minimum wage.

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