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Assessment of Student Learning Guidelines

Preliminary Guidelines for Institutional Assessment of Student Learning

• Institutions will proceed with assessment in the quantitative reasoning learning area in fall 2007, utilizing direct measures of student learning and enabling demonstration of value added. By value added, we mean measures that indicate progress, or lack thereof, as a consequence of the student’s institutional experience; it is acknowledged that value added experience may be demonstrated through formal, orthodox value added instruments (i.e., strict pre-post tests) or through other instruments that may not be formally value added but have value added interpretations (e.g., locally developed assessment instruments). Student progress should be measured using statistically valid samples and the same instrument or methodolgy between the freshman year and a subsequent point in the future (sophomore, junior, or senior year). A plan for implementing the assessment of quantitative reasoning should be submitted by May 1, 2007. SCHEV will enlist external evaluators to review the plans; institutional input regarding external evaluators will be solicited.

• A small task force will be appointed by the Council, with representation to include presidents as well as other campus personnel with expertise in assessment. Nominees from the Council of Presidents are invited by January 15, 2007. The task force will be charged to examine the most effective and meaningful way of implementing value added assessment system wide and to present its findings in a report to the Council by September 28, 2007. This report will be utilized to inform a final set of institutional assessment guidelines.

• The cycle for assessing the remaining five core learning areas will begin in fall 2008 according to the final institutional assessment guidelines referenced above. The precise timetable for completing the assessment of all six core areas will be included in the final guidelines.